9/3/2021 (Fri) 10:20 ~ 10:50N2-1NFI Seminar venue

"Oats" Full-scale start of plant-based raw material sales

We have introduced a new technology, hydrolysis technology, and started the plant-based food (PBF) raw material development business, which is drawing attention from the consideration of the environment. During our presentation, we will introduce our first products, oat powder and its saccharified liquid, which are also drawing attention as the best milk alternative. Oat powder "EX-OAT" manufactured by hydrolysis technology is a new oat powder that cannot be found anywhere else, as it is made into a powder after loosening (pregelatinizing) the macromolecule structure of starch.
It is a new oat powder material which is different from crushed oat powder and has unique processing suitability. It can also be used as a partial substitute for wheat flour in various foods.
Taking advantage of this characteristic, we are also promoting the commercialization of "OAT saccharified liquid" which is saccharified "EX-OAT" as a raw material. It can be used not only as a raw material for oat milk, but also for ice cream, yogurt, various fillings, etc.
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