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Fermented foods and Low-salt foods in the future


President & CEO
Tsuyoshi Sugiyama
Tsuyoshi Sugiyama is Founder and President of OTO Corporation. He learned Fermentation Production in University of Yamanashi and has been served in managing roles at Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. such as Directors of Factory, Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, International Sales of Drug Materials until 1995. He has a Ph.D. in Kyorin University School of Medical and has been involved in the development of active form of B2 (FAB), Cerebral circulation improver (CDP-Choline), Coenzyme Q10, Thrombolytic agent (Urokinase), Trypsin inhibitor, etc. Sugiyama has developed new fermented foods of Nattoesse, Kojiesse, Lactoesse and various main diets for patients in renal failure preservation period.

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