9/3/2021 (Fri) 10:20 ~ 11:20P2-1P&B/PFI Seminar venue

How to succeed in overseas sales of Japanese food in a short period

The manager of the "Food Export School" will talk about "the key to successful food export" based on 27 years of overseas food sales experience and 5 years of food export consulting experience.

As a retailer, I have been stationed overseas for 9 years in 2 countries, experienced selling Japanese food overseas, launched a food export business in Japan, experienced food overseas export in container units and overseas sales channel development, GFSI Japan's first technical committee member experience in food product development, I will explain that there are two key factors for successful food export.

Regarding food exports for beginners, I will explain the method (sales method) of developing overseas sales channels for intermediate users from macro information, and then the two key factors for successful food exports are "overseas support for food additives" and "sales." I will explain about "overseas support for deadlines".

For food manufacturers who really want to succeed in food export and overseas expansion, understand that food export cannot be successful unless they overcome the two barriers of overseas support for food additives and overseas support for sales periods.

Jiro Yamasaki