9/2/2021 (Thu) 10:30 ~ 11:30P1-1P&B/PFI Seminar venue

About food industry container and packaging trends

Packaging plays an important role in distributing goods as commodities. In addition, packaging can increase the value of a product and create good-selling products.
The functions required for packaging are changing in response to social conditions. Here, we will focus on food packaging, explain the latest trends on current issues such as responding to the positive list of packaging materials, food loss measures, elderly people measures, environmental measures, etc., and consider future food packaging trends.
Table of contents
1. Purpose and role of containers and packaging in food
2. Points to keep in mind when designing packaging to create food that sells
3. Recent movements in food containers and packaging and future prospects
(1) Amendment of the Food Sanitation Law: Response to the positive list of packaging materials
(2) Packaging for the elderly
(3) Microwave oven-compatible packaging
(4) Packaging for the realization of a sustainable society
(5) Food loss measures

Jiro Noda