9/2/2021 (Thu) 11:40 ~ 12:10N1-2NFI Seminar venue

Current status in Japan and our new concept ingredient for the salt reduction

WHO member countries have agreed to reduce salt intake 30% relatively by 2025, and in Japan, the movement begin to appear such as the government established subcommittee of a salt reduction.
On the other hand, COVID-19 has significantly changed consumers' awareness of health.

Our new ingredient "REAL MIX-Kombu" was developed by harmonizing the balance of the five original flavors by reproducing the original taste of kelp and brings out the original taste of food materials and seasonings.

Since all the component related to the five original tastes (sweetness, acidity, salt, bitterness, taste) are included in an exquisite balance, it has the power to realize a long-lasting taste and bring the deliciousness.
It also contributes to enhancing UMAMI and reducing costs, and naturally suppresses the amount of seasonings and sodium, resulting in a naturally reduced salt processed food.

Nobuyuki Sekiya

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