9/3/2021 (Fri) 13:20 ~ 14:20P2-3P&B/PFI Seminar venue

Brush up to an attractive shop!!

The restaurant industry was severely hurt by Corona. On the other hand, despite the difficult environment in the restaurant industry, restaurants are trying to become the starting point for creating a new lifestyle culture through delivery and takeout services. I believe that we have been reminded once again that the existence of restaurants creates "human flow," "liveliness," "fun," etc.

In this seminar, we will talk about the attractions that people expect from restaurants in the future. The time when price, taste, and design are the only things that make a restaurant competitive has passed, and restaurants are also expected to be involved in the SDGs and considerate of the local community and environment. As society as a whole tends to seek coexistence and compassion, it is also important to communicate how we want our restaurants to be in the community and society.

In the midst of a harsh environment, restaurants that are individually connected with production farmers, dairy farmers, fishermen, etc., providing delicious meals to customers, and enhancing their brand power through social networking sites and local communities are becoming popular. We will take a look at these restaurants that are exploring new directions and tell you how to make your restaurant more attractive in the future.

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Sanae Tomita
Keisuke Nakagawa