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Our main products at present are manhole cover safety monitoring terminal, garbage can monitoring terminal, ultrasonic level meter, flooding monitoring terminal, NB-IOT transmissive DTU, posture monitoring terminal, all kinds of RFID special tags, etc.

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Split type ultrasonic level meter using ultrasonic sensors

The split ultrasonic level meter adopts ultrasonic sensors, NB-IoT communication technology, 2.4G communication technology, etc. It automatically obtains the local weather forecast and adjusts the collection frequency and warning value to achieve real-time monitoring of manhole covers and manhole water level conditions. Management can monitor in real time through intelligent manhole cover monitoring cloud platform, cell phone APP, etc., the manhole water level situation, effective prediction of the health of the drainage network, to provide a basis for decision-making for flood prevention and anti-flooding.

Methane gas safety monitoring terminal

The methane gas safety monitoring terminal is a low-power, highly accurate methane gas monitoring terminal based on modern information technology such as gas sensor technology and ZETA communication technology.
It can detect the air quality situation in the current environment in real time and accurately, and the methane exceeds the threshold value in time to alarm, providing data support for the maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene in time for advance processing.
Through the intelligent manhole cover monitoring and management system, it realizes the information and intelligent management of manhole covers. Through this system, the management can grasp the operation status of manhole covers globally, discover abnormalities of manhole covers, promptly deal with related hidden dangers, protect the safety of residents, and promote integrated, digital and intelligent management of underground pipeline management.

Intelligent manhole cover safety monitoring terminal

Smart manhole cover safety monitoring terminal is a low energy consumption, high efficiency third generation practical manhole cover safety monitoring terminal developed based on new sensor technology, geographic information technology, computer network technology and other wireless communication technology and other Internet of Things related technologies.
Based on ZETA technology, the device realizes automatic inspection function, active and timely alarm, reduces troubleshooting time, improves management efficiency and enhances the safety operation guarantee capability of the well. At the same time, it provides data support for various monitoring terminal construction through data collection and automatically optimizes inspection business lines, thus continuously optimizing and improving management and operation and maintenance efficiency.