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We provide digital imaging solutions that "connect" and "protect" people!

We introduce our various video/digital imaging solutions such as the "Enba-Kantoku ™", the "360 ° Web meeting camera", and the "Doboreco JK®", which could be useful to connect remote workers on site and realize efficient communication between their offices. Please experience our technologies that provide you clear video images without blur.

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"Enba-Kantoku™" , coined term meaning “Remote field-supervisor”, is our trade term for “Remote work supporting solution” that connects and unites communicates a locations far apart, such as construction sites and its control office, by using our "surprisingly stabilized image" given by our professional wearable cameras.
You can experience a demonstration that our camera accurately captures the view of what an operator is exactly seeing, and the view is send to a different location.
We will also exhibit many kinds of wearable cameras that could be utilized with your communication systems.

360° Web meeting camera

360° Web meeting camera, CX-MT100, is a perfectly designed to have efficient web conferences by connecting conference room and remote workers.
There are two different shooting modes that are automatically switched between by how you put the camera, and that allows you to project images of all participants in a conference room at once. In addition, the high-sensitivity built-in microphone can pick up clear conversations in the room.

Doboreko JK®

Doboreko JK®, SX-DB200, is a safety management system for heavy machineries that can connect to the Cloud server. The camera system can display a person detected behind the heavy machinery and give alert in the operator’s rear-view monitor, while monitoring the construction sites live from a remote PC or smartphone. In our exhibition, you can experience the high-precision person detection!