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DBM Implementation Accelerates Building Management DX

We will exhibit Dynamic Building Matrix, a SaaS system that can manage everything from facility management to maintenance work in a single system by integrating conventional building maintenance work such as inspection, cleaning and security with air conditioning systems and ZETA sensor networks.

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Dynamic Building Matrix

DBM is a cloud-based building management system that consists of software modules such as a task management system (Tracker), a security service system (Sentinel), a facility and asset management system (Sentry), and a 3D spatial visualization platform (Seer) to visualize all information about the building space and the people, equipment, tenants, and environment within the building.
The 3D spatial visualization platform enables visual management of equipment and assets, remote localization, and analysis of equipment failures, and is expected to improve building management efficiency and increase asset value by reducing operating costs, while creating new value by analyzing the acquired data.

Equipment management module "Sentry"

Realizes real-time monitoring of building facilities by linking sensing information from IoT sensors and information from existing BA systems. Using statistical and analytical functions, acquired information is intuitively displayed.
In addition, it seamlessly integrates with the ZETA Cloud Platform, ZETA's dedicated management platform, and is compatible with different subsystems and hardware devices to centrally monitor the operation and maintenance of various equipment and subsystems in the building, achieving "smart, integrated, and data visualization" management of assets and buildings.
It is also compatible with Seer to display monitoring information, and with Tracker to share it on mobile devices as an ad hoc task if a problem occurs during work.

Business management module "Tracker"

The combination of NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR codes enables the management of inspection points and problem areas, and the instantaneous sharing of information with other staff members and supervisors who are predetermined. Work performed in the building is categorized into daily, planned, and temporary work, and executed based on the work flow to achieve "standardization of work. Problems that occur during work can be reported via mobile devices as well, making Tracker a key tool for moving away from "paper and pencil" work.