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DX / IoT device

■ Introducing DX Nanana IoT Op as a demo.
・ BLE laser ・
・ AI edge camera (face recognition / car number recognition)
Please do what you are good at.

■ I will introduce the answer 5Gide that has been made into this now.

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6/2/2021 (Wed) 14:40 ~ 15:10B1-4Seminar Venue B

Key points of IoT utilization that lead DX to success

An era in which the business environment is undergoing major changes and digitalization is accelerating.
There are many projects where "data collection", which is one of the elements that make up DX, cannot be done as expected and is stalled.
In this seminar, we will introduce the points of selection, introduction, and operation of IoT devices from the 6 years of experience involved in IoT device selection and operation.

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6/2/2021 (Wed) 15:30 ~ 16:00B1-5Seminar Venue B

Necessary items for local 5G / private LTE (sXGP)

We will introduce what you need to realize local 5G and private LTE based on our products and project results.
For private LTE, we will introduce a cloud service with a monthly subscription.
* This session does not include general content such as an overview of local 5G, usage examples, and advantages / disadvantages.

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Products / Services

mono connect (BLE device)

Introducing Wi-Fi / LTE gateways and various BLE sensors.
・ Magnet, temperature and humidity, human feeling, ToF
・ LTE, Wi-Fi gateway

mono AI series (radar sensor / face recognition / car number recognition)

・ Introducing devices that can count the number of people and measure distances using millimeter waves.
・ Introducing face recognition cameras and car number recognition cameras.