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Products / Services

OpenRANGE06 Air5G (RU)

Airspan’s OpenRANGE06 (RU) provides 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz outdoor access, consisting of the Remote Radio Unit (RRU) with an integrated massive MIMO antenna array of up to 64×64. The OpenRANGE06 RU allows operators to deliver multi-Gbps user experience by leveraging wide channel allocations and massive MIMO in Sub-6 GHz. The OpenRANGE06 (RU) supports multiple O-RAN, 3GPP and Small Cell Forum splits for deployment flexibility in an open interface architecture.

OpenRANGE28 Air5G (RDU)

Airspan’s OpenRANGE28 (RDU) is 5G-NR mmWave (mmW) open standard vRAN outdoor solution, supporting up to 800 MHz channel bandwidth and allowing operators to deliver enhanced mobile broadband. The OpenRANGE28 consists of both the Radio Unit (RU) and Distributed Unit (DU), running in a single super-compact enclosure that’s perfect for breaking installation zoning barriers. The OpenRANGE28 interfaces with the Central Unit (CU) over 3GPP split 2, and consists of an integrated Massive MIMO antenna array of 128×128.

OpenRANGE06 AirVelocity 2700

The Airspan OpenRANGE06 AirVelocity 2700 (RU) provides 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz indoor coverage. Meeting the demand for indoor connectivity, it is an ideal and powerful solution to deliver a superior network access experience, boosting throughput at speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps. It supports O-RAN split 7.2x for deployment flexibility in an open interface architecture.