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Start IoT easily with a palm-sized devices.

Kyocera proposes its IoT devices, the best solution for various usages, based on Kyocera's abundant know-how of communication technology and manufacturing. Thanks to their easiness of introduction, we can contribute to the realization of more efficient, comfortable, safe and secure society.

IoT, Edge computing related
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Address Yokohama Office: 2-1-1 Kagahara, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Knagawa 224-8502, Japan
TEL 045-872-5855
Site URL https://www.kyocera.co.jp/prdct/telecom/office/iot/
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Products / Services

5G Smart Router

It can connect legacy devices and devices yet to be upgraded for easy, low-cost 5G without the need to change entire infrastructures, and the terminal features a powerful CPU capable of edge computing to expand the range of 5G utilization to include load balancing, low latency, and BCP countermeasures.

GPS Tracker with iBeacon Receiver

GPS Tracker with iBeacon Receiver can obtain location information and sensor data, and send them to the cloud.

GPS Multi Unit

GPS Multi Unit is device with built-in GPS and three sensors, easily realise tracking of people/vehicles and state monitoring.