【Beyond Time Synchronization】 GNSS/GPS time synchronization supports recent wireless communication systems such as LTE and 5G. Furuno provides accurate time with robustness.

We are a manufacturer of GNSS (GPS) receivers for time synchronization used in critical infrastructures such as wireless communications, TV broadcasting, seismometers, and power systems.
In addition to our standard products such as GNSS modules and GNSS frequency generators, we will exhibit our palm-sized "atomic clock" TB-1 and our new anti-jamming GNSS product OtoSphere at this Wireless Japan.

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Products / Services

Timing Multi-GNSS Receiver Module 【Model GT-88】

Extremely high stability of 4.5ns (1sigma) using a single band receiver

The GT-88 is the high-stability, high-accuracy timing Multi-GNSS receiver.
It incorporates Dynamic Satellite Selection™, which is a new satellite signal selection algorithm developed by NTT. Thanks to that GT-88 permits GNSS antennas to be mounted more freely than ever before including wall mounting and window mounting installations.

Multi-GNSS Disciplined Oscillator 【Model GF-8801/02/03/04/05】

Atomic clock class stability GNSSDO
24-hour holdover performance comparable to Rubidium

GF-88 series is a full-featured multi-GNSS disciplined oscillator (GNSSDO), embedded with multi-GNSS receiver, OCXO, LDO regulator and antenna detection circuit in a compact pin-header module.
It provides outputs of one-second pulse (1PPS), synchronized with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and reference frequency (10MHz) signal.

Field Time Sync Generator 【Model TB-1】

Just connect to your usual instrument.
Light, fast, accurate! Palm sized “Atomic Clock”

With an embedded high precision OCXO, TB-1 is designed as a portable GNSS reference signal generator for RF system maintenance and R&D in the field.
It provides a 1 pulse per second (1PPS) and a 10MHz reference frequency, both synchronized with UTC, which can be used in digital broadcast, 5G and V2X system field testing for time synchronization and frequency measurement purposes.